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Undergraduate research graphic

How to Secure an Undergraduate Research Position

Follow these tips for finding and securing undergraduate research positions in the Faculty of Engineering.

Graphic of 10 Questions

10 Questions to Help You Build Your Personal Brand

Answer these 10 questions to help you build your personal brand to successfully market yourself to employers.

Graphic of people connected in a network

6 Tips for Networking

Follow these 6 quick tips to help you network better!

Accomplishment Statements Graphic

Accomplishment Statements

Tip sheet to learn how you can strengthen the examples on your resume and take them from job duties to accomplishment statements that demonstrate your value.

Graphic of a student on their first day of Co-op

Co-op Day One Success Guide

Tips for thriving on your first day of engineering co-op.

Graphic of a co-op job application process

Co-op Job Application Process

Steps for applying for co-op jobs including when to apply, where to apply, and more. 

Cover Letter Checklist Graphic

Cover Letter Checklist

These cover letter tips can help your job application stand out!

Graphic of speech bubbles

Format of an Interview

A breakdown of the general format of an interview, what to expect, and what you should do after the interview.

Graphic of a telephone

How to Cold Call Employers

Cold calling a prospective employer or company you'd like to work for is a great way to gain insight into the company's hiring practices, as well as build new contacts in your network. 

Image of a document with a Wow statement

How to Create a "WOW" Statement

Grab a prospective employer's attention with an effective "WOW" Statement in your cover letter.