Clubs & Teams

Long Term Planning & Record Keeping Webinar

#1 in the Increased Support for Clubs & Teams webinar series explores:

  • How to set S.M.A.R.T. goals for the year
  • Tools to host unique online events (other than Zoom)
  • Appropriate dates and times to run events and launch initiatives
  • Collaboration with on and off-campus partners (e.g. MES and MSU clubs, on-campus departments, community groups, student groups at other universities)
  • How to create a work back schedule
  • Record keeping technologies (e.g. Google Drive)
  • How to create transition documents and hold transition meetings

Featuring McMaster Design League & Women in Engineering Society.

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Sponsorship & Employer Outreach Webinar

#2 in the Increased Support for Clubs & Teams webinar series explores:

  • Figure out what your student group can provide to employers
  • How to create an impactful sponsorship package and employer ask
  • Utilizing your network (i.e. club/team alumni, CDRMs, professors, parents, previous co-op employers, MacEng Alumni office)
  • Collaboration opportunities on campus (i.e. professors, MSU, ECCS, Faculty of Engineering, engineering departments)

Featuring Rachelle Ireson (Program Lead, Employer Development), the Baja Racing Team and the Chemical Engineering Club.

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Social Media Marketing Crash Course

#3 in the Increased Support for Clubs & Teams Webinar Series explores:

  • Innovative promotional techniques when physical posters and in-person classroom announcements are not an option
  • How to effectively advertise on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (Each audience is different!)
    • Creating creative and dynamic content
    • Balancing between sharing content and creating original content
    • Best days and times to post
  • How to create a communication plan for the year (i.e. when to start advertising, what techniques will be used)
  • Google Analytics to track success

Featuring Ciara McCann (Digital Marketing & Communications Strategist), Krista Kim (Digital Marketing Officer), the Heavy Construction Student Chapter & McMaster Engineering and Management Society.

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Managing Executive Teams & Fostering Team Cohesion Webinar

#4 in the Increased Support for Clubs & Teams Webinar series explores:

  • Virtual collaborative tools (ex. Trello, Discord, Slack) to keep members engaged
  • How to run virtual meetings and monitor exec member progress
  • How to create a culture of collaboration, initiative, and support à Turning the hierarchy pyramid on its side
  • How to deal with difficult situations (ex. exec members quit, general members not fulfilling duties)
  • Ideas for team building activities to build camaraderie

Featuring Louise Gazzola (Experiential Program Coordinator), DeltaHacks and Engineers Without Borders.

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